Numéros de rue


Street numbers are the numerical addresses assigned to homes, businesses, and other properties. Street numbers are typically assigned by a local municipality and are used to identify a particular location. For instance, in the address "123, Main Street" - 123 is the street number assigned to a property on a street called Main Street.

LocationIQ's Map Tile APIs with Street Numbers

Utilization of Street Numbers

Street numbers serve various purposes such as navigation, delivery, postal services, and law enforcement. Additionally, many municipalities provide supplementary information alongside street numbers, including apartment building names or floor numbers in multi-story structures.

Importance in Mapping Services

Street numbers are invaluable for mapping services like LocationIQ, aiding in the precise pinpointing of addresses on maps. LocationIQ's geocoding APIs output addresses in a single string, which can be dissected into various address elements. The normalizeaddress parameter simplifies this process by consolidating elements into a fixed list of predefined ones.

LocationIQ Street Addresses

Standard Address Structure

  • name: House name or Point of Interest (POI) such as a Cafe or School
  • house_number: House or Building number
  • road: Roads, Highways, Freeways, Motorways
  • neighbourhood: Neighbourhoods, Allotments, Quarters, Communities
  • suburb: Suburbs, Subdivisions
  • island: Islands, Islets
  • city: Cities, Towns, Villages, Municipalities, Districts, Boroughs, Hamlets
  • county: Counties
  • state: States, Provinces, Regions, State Districts
  • state_code: State or Province Code
  • postcode: Postal Codes, Zipcodes
  • country: Countries, Nation-states
  • country_code: Country Code - 2 letter (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)